The Moonglow Spanking Club

The club for the sophisticated spanking enthusiast and connoiseur of the spanked female bottom

Strictly for the Dominant Gentleman and Compatible Companions.

Overseas visitors welcome!

Who is the club for? The Club is for the Sophisticated Spanking Enthusiast! Strictly for dominant gentlemen who enjoy the noble art of smacking the shapely bottoms of nubile ladies, and for submissive ladies who enjoy such activities.
How are the meetings structured? We usually meet at 1pm on a Monday and end about 5 pm, with a couple of breaks during the afternoon. Each session is different, but the first is usually Meet and Greet to enable the men to get to the girls, Moonglow style. That is, put them over their knees and redden their bottoms.
Does the afternoon have a theme? Every meeting has a theme, except the Christmas party.   For instance, sixth formers in trouble, the Moonglow court (where all the punishments result in the glowing bottoms of the female miscreants), competitions (for spanker of the month), soldier girls in trouble, fifties discipline, Victorian afternoons or Summer frolics are popular ones.
Where and when does the club meet? The club meets bimonthly in both London and Birmingham, usually on Monday afternoons. In London, we meet at a night club in Camden Town and in Birmingham at a large photographic studio just North of  Birmingham.
How large are the meetings? Meetings are usually attended by a group of ten to twelve members. A lively afternoon is always guaranteed by our experienced Moonglow Girls all of whom love to participate to the full. Normally there are four of them in attendance plus any lady members in need of a warm posterior.
Do you have lady members? Some; visiting ladies who want to participate enter free, whether they are accompanied by a gentleman or not!
How much does it cost to join?

Please note: To attend meetings, you must join the club. (This can be done when you book up for your first meeting). Membership costs 20 (US$30) or 5 if you book for a meeting at the same time. Membership is life membership, but automatically lapses if you have not attended a meeting for a year.

How much does it cost to attend a meeting? Participation at a meeting usually costs 110. Viewers pay  70 and only participate in the early part of the afternoon, and watch thereafter.
Will I receive a circular? You can receive our monthly circular with updates on meetings and products via post or email. For UK members, these can be sent by text if you register your mobile phone with us.
Joining Options
How do I join the club?

Send us 20 or $30 by cheque to:
Moonglow, BCM 7889, London, WC1N 3XX, United Kingdom.

Can I join and book at the same time? Yes; if you book at the same time as joining, the membership fee is reduced to 5. (This also applies if you buy a DVD.)
Who do I make cheques out to? All Cheques must be made payable to MOONGLOW.
What about my monthly circular? Please indicate how you want to keep in touch; snail mail or e-mail. If you want text updates, please do not forget your mobile number.
What are our age limits? All new members must confirm that they are over 21, which is our minimum age for membership.
What happens when I join?
  • We shall send you your membership number, by your chosen means of communication.
  • You can then sign up for any meeting, but please quote your membership number on booking.
  • Memberships last for as long as you attend regularly or continue to buy DVDs.
  • Please ensure that cheques for meetings arrive at least a week in advance!
Where do I find the current programme?

Current programme

How do I contact the club?

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